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Here is a list of our frequently asked questions. Have a look and contact us if you can't find the answer to your question

Do you teach courses in English?

Public courses are taught in English by native English speakers which is important as many of our participants speak English as a second language. This means that there can be less opportunity for misunderstanding.

Who are your trainers?

Our trainers are qualified doctors, midwives, or nurses, so you are being taught the most up-to-date methods by people who have clinical experience in hospitals and doctor’s surgeries. You can meet our trainers here:

How long are the courses?

They vary in length from four hours for a Saving Lives or Accidents Happen course to ten hours for the First Aid for the Swiss Driver’s Licence. Some online classes can be four and a half hours and the courses delivered to children and adolescents can be two hours long.

Where are the courses taught?

The Saving Lives courses for babies, children and adults are taught face-to-face in Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne, Zug and Zurich as is the Swiss Resuscitation Council Generic Provider course.
The first aid course for the Driver’s Licence is taught face-to-face in Basel, Geneva, Zug and Zurich.
The Saving Young Lives: CPR course for babies and children is taught either online or face-to-face in Geneva.

How old must I be to attend a course?

We accept participants from the age of 14 except for our Young First Aider courses. We run these as private group courses for children from the age of eight.

How do I find out when your next course is?

We advertise all our courses here, and you can also keep an eye on our Facebook page too. We also offer bespoke courses to private groups, so please email if you can’t find what you are looking for.

How do I register for a course?

Registering is easy and all done via our website. Click here:

Which is the first aid course for the Driving Licence?

The course you need to take for the Swiss Driver’s Licence is the ten hour, fully accredited course: First Aid for the Swiss Driver’s Licence course. Details can be found here:

Is the Driver’s Licence first aid course valid throughout Switzerland?

Yes, the Driver’s Licence First Aid course certification is valid throughout Switzerland. You can attend the First Aid course and apply for your licence in different cantons.

Does the CPR course include learning about babies and children?

All our CPR courses include teaching and practising on baby and child manikins, as well as adult manikins. We also have an online course specifically for those wishing to learn about babies and children’s accidents. It is run by our midwife trainer and details can be found here:

When will I get my certificate and how long is it valid for?

The Driver’s Licence First Aid certificate is delivered before you leave the course. For all other courses, the certificate is emailed to you within the next week. The First Aid for the Swiss Driver’s Licence is valid for six years and certificates for all other HealthFirst public First Aid courses are valid for two years.

How much do First Aid courses cost?

We price our courses depending on the type and length booked. They range from CHF 50 for the Young First Aider’s course to CHF 190 per person for the First Aid for the Swiss Driver’s Licence.

How do I pay for a course?

You can pay via our website. We accept Stripe and bank transfer, so you won’t have to handle cash on the day of the course. You will need to pay before the course starts or you will lose your place. Payment will confirm your booking.

What information will you send me about the course and when will I receive it?

A reminder email will go out to all confirmed participants with full course details including location details, trainer contact information and links to documentation specific to your course, as required. We send all information by email in the week before the course. Please check your junk email folder from 7 days before the date of your training course.  If you haven’t received anything by the Thursday before the course, please email

Can I get a refund if I have to cancel?

All bookings cancelled by participants 7 days or more before the course start date will receive a full refund. Those bookings cancelled less than 7 days before the course start date cannot usually be refunded. In the case of sickness, or other extenuating circumstances, affecting one of the HealthFirst trainers on the training day, HealthFirst will provide an alternative course trainer wherever possible. In the rare instance when this will not be possible, we reserve the right to postpone the training date. In this situation, all course bookings can either be transferred to the future course, or will be refunded upon request.

How can I contact you and what are your office hours?

You can contact us by email:
Our office hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 9:00 to 15:30
Wednesday: 9:00 to 12:00
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: closed

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