First Aid training for Private Clubs or Groups

Be prepared in case of medical emergency, arrange first aid training for your club or group

Giving you the confidence to react in a medical emergency

We know that good, prompt first aid delivered by a calm, trained person can significantly reduce the impact of an injury, or potentially save a life.

Our courses equip participants to manage important first aid situations and can be tailored to the needs of your club or group. We will come to your venue with the materials necessary to deliver the training of your choice. All courses may be delivered in English or French.

We deliver first aid training to sports clubs, or groups of parents or carers, as well as age-appropriate courses for Brownies, Guides, Scouts, and other youth groups. Can’t find what you are looking for? We also deliver bespoke training for other groups upon request.


First Aid training for Sports Clubs

Whether you are a member of a competitive cycling peloton or an enthusiastic mountain hiking group, our First Aid training is designed to meet your specific needs.  Tailor-made courses for rugby coaches include essential training on concussion and spinal injury management. Our mountain First Aid training equips you to deal with injuries in a remote setting.

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First Aid training for Parents and Carers of Children

Our first aid training for parents and carers of children is designed to give you the confidence to act, be it to manage an everyday injury or a more serious emergency. Our two tailored courses are: Saving Young Lives – CPR and Emergency First Aid for Babies and Children and First Aid for Child Injuries. All you need to do is choose your course, provide a venue, gather your group of like-minded interested participants, then contact us to fix a training date that works for everyone.

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First Aid training for Youth Groups

Our training courses for Brownies, Guides, Scouts, and other youth groups, while being age-appropriate are lively and fun, packed full of useful information and tips. They are designed to encourage active youngsters and teens to have the confidence to act in a range of everyday medical situations. We can deliver the course your group needs.

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