Nurse/Midwife Polly Pupulin

RN(UK) BSc Midwifery(Hons), Dip TN


Polly is a British trained nurse and midwife. She has experience in cardiac and A&E nursing in London and in a variety of NGO’s and missions around the world.

After graduating, Polly joined the American Refugee Committee International in Thailand. She was responsible for obstetrics and child care in a camp of over 16000 refugees from Myanmar.  She then worked for Action Against Hunger In Tajikstan where she was the Child Health Program Manager, overseeing 285 health centres. A move to New Delhi as the Registered Nurse for the American Embassy Health Unit was followed by a move to Geneva. There she was Chargé de Mission, writing medical reports for Médecins sans Frontières.

Polly currently works as school nurse  at an International School in Geneva using both her physical and psychological first aid skills and is a Senior trainer at Health First. Her unique experience as a midwife makes her very well placed to lead the online Saving Young Lives course.

Qualified as a mental health first aid instructor for adults and youth, Polly is passionate about spreading awareness of mental health.

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