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Eating for Optimal Health

Nutrition is critical to our overall health and well-being. A healthy diet can help to prevent cardiovascular disease, inflammation and can even reduce our risk of cancer. It strengthens our immune system and is important for safer pregnancy and childbirth.

But food also impacts mental health: our brain chemistry and how we feel. What and when we eat can help us manage stress, improve mood and energy, reduce anxiety and support clearer thinking.

In consultation with HealthFirst nutritionist, Emma Jenks, the three webinars in our nutrition series focus on the role of our diet in our overall physical and mental health.

Eat Well, Stress Less: building resilience through healthy eating

During this 75-minute webinar, we discuss the impact of stress on health and how to overcome this through healthy nutrition. We discover:

  • Why our diet is so important. 
  • That variety is key. 
  • How to beat the sugar cravings.
  • Healthy options for those 'snack attacks'.
  • An 'actions for change' worksheet. 


Eat Well, Nourish Your Gut: balance your microbiome to feel and look your best

This 75-minute webinar explores our gut health and how this impacts our overall well-being. We cover:

  • What is your microbiome?
  • How does it influence your well-being?
  • What to eat and what to avoid for a healthy microbiome.
  • Other ways to optimise your gut health.
  • How we can implement change in our diet to nourish our gut. 

Eat Well, Eat Less Often: intermittent fasting for energy and weight loss

The expert advice from our HealthFirst nutritionist in this 75-minute webinar includes:

  • What is Intermittent Fasting?
  • How Intermittent Fasting can be used to maximise energy and support weight loss.
  • How you can make Intermittent Fasting work for you.
  • Some top tips to enable success. 
  • Creating an action plan for change to start your journey. 

Consultations with nutritionist Emma Jenks MA (Oxon), Dip CNM

Emma is a British trained nutritionist with 16 years experience. Focusing on the individual and what they need, she provides practical information to improve health and well-being.

Emma offers an initial free 10 minute telephone conversation to see whether she could help you optimise your health and well-being.


What our clients say:

"Dr Michelle Wright, Dr Mecky McNeil and Emma Jenks spent a very informative hour talking via zoom to the staff in our Geneva office. The topic was Eat Well, Stress Less, which was very relevant. The EA team really appreciated the contents and the enthusiasm in delivery. "

Rachel M

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