Dr Michelle Wright


Company Director

A British-qualified General Practitioner (GP), Michelle graduated in 1997. Prior to moving to Switzerland in 2004, she worked as a GP in London, working with patients with physical and psychological problems including time in community psychiatry.

Michelle currently works part-time as a doctor in the Staff Medical Service of the International Labour Organization, Geneva maintaining her patient contact and clinical work, looking after the physical and psychological health of the staff members there.

Michelle was an integral part of the team bringing the internationally recognised Mental Health First Aid training in English to Switzerland. As well as delivering Mental Health First Aid training to international companies, schools, and organisations, for the last four years, Michelle has been involved in training other instructors to deliver these courses. She recently completed a course in Employee Wellness and Stress Management with the Stanford Center for Health Education.

For over 10 years, she has had her own weekly radio show, Health Matters, on World Radio Switzerland.

Passionate about health promotion and disease prevention, Michelle has a diploma in Lifestyle Medicine from the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

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