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Providing the knowledge and tools for sustainable lifestyle change

Physical HealthFirst for Clubs and Groups

Helping your Club or Group understand more about their health

With the wealth of health information out there today, it can be difficult to decipher fact from untruth. 

Our team of HealthFirst doctors and healthcare professionals use their years of experience and training to bring the latest evidence-based information and advice to your Club or Group. 

Whether you are looking for expert nutritional guidance, advice about caring for babies, the push to address your cardiovascular disease risk factors, or the low-down on specific Swiss-related health topics, our range of seminars and trainings can help.  

Health Education Seminars

Our selection of seminars addresses the most relevant health issues facing us all today and provides participants with the knowledge, tips and practical tools to attend to their own physical health.

In addition to the popular topics, we can also tailor seminars to the bespoke needs of your Club or Group. 

Nutrition Seminars

We all know that a healthy, balanced diet has far-reaching physical health benefits. But sometimes it can be difficult to decipher the fact from the fads when it comes to what we should be eating.

Under the guidance of our expert nutritionist, we run a number of webinars designed to help you understand the latest evidence around nutrition and sustain healthier eating habits.

Caring for Babies: The First Year

Originally developed for the Swiss Nanny Association, this 3½ hour workshop gives nannies, new parents and other child-carers the advice and guidance they need when caring for babies under the age of one.

Covering topics ranging from bathing, nappies and important safety considerations, it is designed to instill confidence in carers.

Two weeks old newborn baby's legs and bottom

Swiss Backyard Beasties

The great Swiss outdoors beckons but are you fully prepared? Do you know your local lurkers and how to deal with their bites?

We will ensure you’re prepared for the worst, so you can enjoy the best. Our 90-minute seminar covers the avoidance and treatment of duck fleas, the removal of ticks and their associated illnesses; how to recognise a marching caterpillar (and treat a reaction) and how to prevent and treat a snake bite.

What our clients say:

"Our Association aims to have all our nanny members First Aid and CPR trained, to achieve this we have worked with HealthFirst since 2016. The individual feedback on the courses is always positive and we look forward to organising more in the future.""

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