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Re-integration into the Workplace

Mental HealthFirst  for Corporate Clients

What is Re-integration?

Re-integration into the workplace is the process that ensures an employee who has been on long term sick leave is able to return to work in a timely and safe way. It can involve medical and vocational rehabilitation, which may take place outside of the workplace, along with a range of activities within the workplace to ensure it is a safe and suitable environment for the returning employee.

Re-integration is part of an overall health journey for all employees, promoting well-being and good practice from recruitment to retirement, which we describe as the Employee Health @Work Cycle.

Workshop Overview

During our two hour Re-integration Workshop, Dr Mecky McNeil and Dr Michelle Wright guide participants through the concept of the Employee Health @Work Cycle and explain how re-integration fits in with this. We consider the key steps of a Re-integration Pathway which should be triggered when a person has been off work for four weeks or more, necessitating certain actions to ensure return to work is supportive and successful.

We think about the important Return-to-Work interview and share tips, tools and a framework that can help with this. We also discuss the concept of Well-Being Action Plans and how these should form part of Return-to-Work support. Small group activities and case studies bring learning alive and help to provide relevance and embed the concepts discussed.

The seminar can be delivered online or face-to-face.

What our clients say:

"We had the pleasure to cooperate with Health First to deliver Mental Health sessions to our staff and people managers. The communication was smooth and we and our staff felt that the trainers were really friendly, flexible and approachable. Partnering with Health First was a success story! "

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