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Burnout Prevention

Mental HealthFirst - Seminars for Corporate Clients

Stress or burnout? What is the difference?

We all know what stress feels like. Even though we thrive on challenge - it motivates and drives us and is important for our well-being - it is vital that we build in time for recovery. Prolonged stress can be harmful to our health and the chronic stress caused by increasing demands of the workplace can lead to burnout.

According to the World Health Organisation, burnout is a syndrome resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed and is characterised by:

  • feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion;
  • increased mental distance from one’s job or feelings of negativism or cynicism related to one's job;
  • reduced professional efficacy.

In order to support your workforce, we offer two trainings raising awareness around burnout and its prevention. Both can be delivered online or face-to-face.

Beating burnout: stress and burnout awareness and prevention

This 75-minute burnout awareness and prevention webinar aimed at all staff covers:   

  • What is a healthy amount of stress?  
  • How to spot the signs of burnout: recognising when it is time to act. 
  • Helpful and unhelpful coping strategies: building resilience to stress.
  • Mental health support and resources for burnout.

Conversations around burnout: supporting the well-being of your team and initiating mental health conversations 

This 2.5-hour interactive webinar is aimed at people managers, enabling them to support the mental well-being of their team and covers: 

  • When does stress become too much? 
  • What is burnout and the different stages. 
  • Recognising early warning signs of burnout in yourself and others. 
  • Strategies to manage stress in the workplace.
  • How to support team members with practical tips and tools to manage well-being conversations at work.

What our clients say:

"We have been partnering with HealthFirst since the COVID-19 pandemic to increase our awareness on how to support employees in these difficult times and are very satisfied by their approach and services."

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