First Aid for School Staff Members

First Aid for School Staff Members is our gold-standard training and comprises two three-hour modules for up to 12 participants: the first focuses on medical emergency situations and the second on other important first aid scenarios.

Course contents include:

Module 1: Saving Lives – Basic Life Support and Emergency First Aid – giving CPR to babies, children, and adults with practise on realistic manikins, an introduction to using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), seizures, choking first aid and when and how to use the ‘Recovery Position’.

Module 2: Accidents Happen – Important First Aid for School Staff Members – head and suspected spinal injuries, major blood loss and shock, severe allergic reactions and how to use an EpiPen™, burns, asthma attacks, accidental poisoning, and broken bones.

Course certification

HealthFirst Certificate of Attendance: First Aid for School Staff Members – 6-hour training in Basic Life Support and Important First Aid.

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