ensa Mental Health First Aid Focus Youth

This accredited training is taught with empathy and compassion by qualified medical professionals who are all certified mental health first aid instructors. Drawing upon their real-life experiences to enrich the training, this course is packed full of information, teaching you how to recognise common mental health disorders and proactively help a young person in distress.

  • How to recognise the difference between ‘normal adolescence’ and important mental illnesses including depression, anxiety, psychosis, eating disorders, substance use disorder and behavioural addictions
  • How to deliver first aid in a non-crisis situation using a framework to approach a mental health conversation
  • First aid for mental health crises including suicidal thoughts, non-suicidal self-injury, panic attacks, severe psychotic episodes, alcohol poisoning and intoxication, aggressive behaviours, and crises related to eating disorders

Course duration:

Online courses are 17.5 hours long, face-to-face courses are 14 hours.

Course certification:

After a short test, successful participants will receive the internationally recognised ensa Mental Health First Aider certificate (valid for three years).

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Dynamic and very competent Mental Health First Aid training.

“Emotionally tough topics were presented in a way that made participants feel safe to share some of their personal stories of mental health struggles which gave the course depth and emphasized its relevance in a special way.”

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Monika Liechti

The Mental Health First Aid training was an eye-opening and powerful experience.

“Mental Health is not an easy topic but the instructors approached it in a delicate, soft and very constructive way. They are very knowledgeable, passionate, experienced and genuinely love what they are doing. This helps a lot of participants to change their perspective around this critical and sensitive topic and break down the stigma slowly.”

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Flora Bami

Classes are very professional and well designed.

“I feel empowered and able now to offer an helping hand with real knowledge on the subject. Mental Health issue is a real issue with various forms. It might touch one day or the other someone around you or yourself. There are so many variations but once you know to identify and what to do, you can really make a difference.”

Google Reviews 5 Star Reviews 5 Star Reviews 5 Star Reviews 5 Star Reviews 5 Star Reviews

Oly Wood

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