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P&G Birth Preparation Courses

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Birth Preparation Courses

This course is for P&G Staff Members & their partners ONLY. Held on-site at P&G, Geneva.

HealthFirst offers Birth Preparation classes in Geneva, led by our highly experienced British-trained midwife Polly Pupulin. Come and meet other expectant parents and have the opportunity to get your questions answered in a relaxed and friendly setting.

This course is 10 hours long, split into several sessions. Topics covered include:

  • Healthy living in pregnancy.
  • The health system in Switzerland for pre-natal, intrapartum, and post-natal care.
  • Going into labour, what to expect.
  • The different stages of labour.
  • Induction of labour.
  • Pain relief during labour, positions in labour, breathing and relaxation.
  • Tearing, stitches, perineal massage and pelvic floor exercises.
  • Birth plans – what they are and how to use them.
  • How your midwife can help you during labour.
  • The partner’s role during labour.
  • Care of the newborn during the first hour of life.
  • Understanding cues that your baby needs feeding.
  • How to breastfeed your baby including how long to feed for and choice of positions.
  • Expressing and storing breast milk.
  • Breast accessories – pads, pumps, nipple shields, silver nipple cups, bras etc.
  • How to know if your baby is getting enough breast milk.
  • A day in your life with your baby: nappy changing, washing your baby.
  • New baby problems – colic, regurgitation, fever.
  • When to get advice for your baby.
  • SIDS (cot death) prevention.
  • Baby blues and postnatal depression – discussion and warning signs to look out for.

Spaces are limited to 6 couples (or 12 participants) per birth preparation course. Individual participants are welcome. Please book for each person attending. A couple should book 2 places.

Please note that your health insurance company may not reimburse the 100-150 CHF contribution towards these antenatal class fees.

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Upcoming Courses

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