World Restart a Heart Day 2023

9th October 2023

Two hands can save a life!

In support of World Restart a Heart Day 2023,  HealthFirst hosted two free live webinars! HealthFirst Director and British trained GP Dr Michelle Wright answered questions, gave explanations and demonstrated the correct way to provide Basic Life Support for babies, children and adults. She  showed how to give Basic Life Support by using three simple steps and how to use an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED).

Check, call, compress

Check the person over, are they responding to you? Are they breathing or breathing normally?

Call 144 in Switzerland or 112 elsewhere in Europe for emergency help and guidance. All emergency telephone operators are trained to talk you through how to deliver CPR to a person in cardiac arrest.

Compress; kneel beside the victim, using both hands locked together (creating a V shape with your arms), with your arms straight press 5-6cm in the centre of the victim’s chest. Press at a rate of 100–120 beats a minute. Don’t stop. Keep compressing. If you are a trained first aider or feel comfortable you can deliver 30 chest compressions and then 2 breaths. Repeat the cycle until the person shows signs of life, a defibrillator arrives, or the emergency response team is on site ready to take over


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