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24th February 2022

You might have been thinking about taking a public First Aid course recently and wondering what is available to you and how to choose a First Aid training company. We are proud that HealthFirst is Switzerland’s leading provider of First Aid training in English and we are certain that you will find the course you need with us.

Why HealthFirst?

Well, all our public First Aid courses are run by doctors, nurses, and midwives, all of whom speak mother-tongue English and have years of experience in medical settings, whether in hospitals, doctor’s surgeries or clinics. They train with experience and empathy, with the most up to date best medical practices and they are friendly and approachable. They know that learning First Aid can save lives and they know how to teach. That way, you can be sure you are being taught properly.

We have prepared a list of the most frequently asked questions so you can browse and decide which course is best for you.

What courses do you offer the public?

We offer a variety of public First Aid courses.  These are the most popular courses which we offer on a regular basis:

  • First Aid Course for the Swiss Driver’s Licence
  • Saving Lives – CPR and Emergency First Aid
  • Saving Young Lives – CPR and Emergency First Aid for Babies and Children
  • Accidents Happen – First Aid for Everyday Injuries

You can find more details of our courses on our website here:

Can I book a private course for a group?

Private groups can book all of our public courses. In addition to those above, you can also book:

  • Swiss Resuscitation Council BLS-AED-SRC Basic and Generic Provider
  • Young First Aiders
  • Mountain and Outdoor First Aid
  • Caring for Babies – the First Year

Click on the link to find out more:

Do you teach courses in English?

We teach all our public First Aid courses in English by native English speakers which we feel is important as many of our participants are speaking English as a second language. This means that there is less opportunity for misunderstanding. To our knowledge, we are the only company in Switzerland offering this full range of First Aid courses led by a mother-tongue English training team.

Who are your trainers?

Our trainers are native English speakers and are qualified as doctors, midwives, or nurses. This means that you can be sure you are being taught the most up-to-date methods by people who have experience working in hospitals and doctor’s surgeries. Many of our trainers work in international schools and have years of experience dealing with common accidents and illnesses. You can meet our trainers here:

Which is the course for the Driving Licence?

The course you need to take for the Swiss Driver’s Licence is the ten hour, fully accredited course: First Aid for the Swiss Driver’s Licence course. Details can be found here:

Is the Driver’s Licence valid throughout Switzerland?

It doesn’t matter where you take the course in Switzerland as the First Aid element is valid throughout the country. So, if you live in Schaffhausen and take the course in Zurich, it is valid.

When will I get my certificate and how long is it valid for?

We give you the Driver’s Licence First Aid certificate immediately after the course finishes. For all other courses, the certificate is emailed to you within the next week. The First Aid for the Swiss Driver’s Licence is valid for six years and certificates for all other HealthFirst public First Aid courses are valid for two years.

Can I practice resuscitation techniques in the CPR course?

Practicing resuscitation techniques on manikins is a very important part of the CPR course and you will have plenty of opportunity for guided practice.

How and where are the public  courses taught?

We usually deliver our courses face-to-face, but some are taught online.  Parents of young children enjoy the Saving Young Lives course online as it is easier for them to manage and both parents can join the course at the same time.

We offer all our public courses in Zurich, Zug, Bern, Basel, and Geneva apart from the First Aid for the Swiss Driver’s Licence. We teach this in Basel, Zurich, Geneva, and Zug  and deliver private courses across Switzerland.

How much do First Aid courses cost?

We price our courses depending on the type and length booked. They range from CHF 50 for the Young First Aider’s course to CHF 190 per person for the First Aid for the Swiss Driver’s Licence.

How long are the public courses?

They vary in length from four hours for a Saving Lives or Accidents Happen course to ten hours for the First Aid for the Swiss Driver’s Licence. Some online classes can be four and a half hours and the courses for children are two hours long.

How will I find out when your next course is?

We advertise all our courses on our website, and you can also keep an eye on our Facebook page too.

Can I ask questions?

The trainer will always make time for questions and will provide real life examples as answers wherever possible.

How old must I be to attend a course?

We accept participants from the age of 14 except for our Young First Aider courses. We run these courses for children from the age of eight years.

Are there breaks during the course?

There are breaks during the course, depending on its length. For example, the Driver’s Licence First Aid course includes a lunchbreak on the second day. Other courses have 15-minute refreshment breaks at regular intervals.

How do I register for a course?

Registering is easy and all done via our website:

How do I pay for a course?

You can pay via our website and most people find it very simple. We accept Stripe and bank transfer, so you won’t have to handle cash on the day of the course.

Is everything COVID friendly and do I need a certificate to attend?

We ensure our COVID procedures follow national advice so you are as safe as possible during the course. You must also follow the current guidelines if you wish to attend one of our courses. Click on the links to find out more: and here:

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