Heart2Heart crisis line in English

15th September 2023

Posted by Dr Michelle Wright

Towards the end of last year, regular listeners will have heard Dr Michelle Wright introduce Heart2Heart, the English-language service of La Main Tendue or Die Dargebotene Hand. This was set up for people who need a supportive ear. It is not just for someone in crisis, but also for a person with daily worries that are getting on top of them. 

Today she is joined by Matthias Herren who helped set up the crisis line in English. He outlines who the service is for and how useful it has been to date.

HealthFirst runs a highly respected ensa Mental Health First Aid course in English specifically for those wishing how to learn to support a person in distress. Click here to find our more.

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Just over one year on, Dr Michelle speaks with Matthias Herren who helped set up Heart2Heart, the English-language service of the Dargebotene Hand. You can find a listening ear by calling 0800 143 000 any day from 6pm-11pm, anonymously and free of charge.

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