Baby Saved By Passer-By Giving CPR

29th January 2013

Read this amazing story of how a baby in England was saved by the quick action of a rescuer and effective CPR given by a passer-by.

You too could be a strong link in the chain of survival for somebody who really needs it. Book your place on a dynamic, interactive CPR course now to learn and practice simple techniques on life-sized manikins.

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Glaucoma is the number one cause of irreversible blindness globally. Dr Michelle Wright explains that it can affect any one of any age, including babies.

4th March 2024

The Adolescence Rollercoaster

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The Adolescence Rollercoaster

There are so many things that our young people have on their mind these days; reasons why they might struggle with their mental health. But perhaps one of biggest stressors adolescents face is adolescence itself! Can you remember the rollercoaster of yours?

15th February 2024

Meet the team – Dr Michelle Wright

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Meet the team – Dr Michelle Wright

Meet the team, our quarterly introduction to the team members at HealthFirst. Introducing Dr Michelle Wright, director and founder.

22nd January 2024

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