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Supporting staff and students' mental health

Mental HealthFirst for  Schools

The well-being of staff and their students is paramount

We deliver a range of services for students and staff offering information and tools to support mental well-being. These are designed to encourage and normalise conversations around mental health and that it is okay to ask for help.

Our team is flexible and can coordinate with your schedules to find a time that works for you, including staff training days, during or after the school day or at weekends.  Trainings can be delivered in school or online.

Seminars for Students

Let’s create a future where every young person has access to support if they need it.

Mental Health Awareness Workshops

Addressing mental health issues in young people has never been more important. Globally, one in ten experience a mental health problem and suicide is the leading cause of death in 5 to 19 year olds.

Raising awareness of how common mental illness is can help young people realise they are not alone. Creating a safe space for them to speak about their feelings with someone they trust is key.  Led by our team of doctors, nurses, and midwives with training in this field, our workshops navigate these sensitive topics and conversations safely.

Managing Exam Stress

It is normal to feel a bit worried about upcoming exams. The pressure to do well can sometimes become overwhelming and can impact mental health. It can lead to feelings of anxiety, problems  sleeping and changes in appetite.

Our exam stress workshops offer students practical tips and tools to help them navigate their exam period, and provide support about how to ask for help if things become overwhelming.

Workshops for Staff

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ensa Mental Health First Aid Focus Adult

Could you spot the signs of poor mental health in a colleague? If so, would you know what to do? 

Many people may show signs of mental health problems in the workplace. Early intervention is essential to improve the prognosis for recovery, shorten the length of suffering for the individual and prevent long-term absence from work.

We teach you to recognise the signs of mental ill-health so you can respond confidently with First Aid to colleagues in psychological distress and direct them to the support they need.

ensa Mental Health First Aid Focus Youth

A recent report by UNICEF Switzerland has found that one in three young people between the ages of 14-19 are struggling with their mental health. Nearly one in two have experienced suicidal thoughts and one in eleven have acted on them.

Aimed at teachers, counsellors and other  support staff, the ensa Mental Health First Aid Focus Youth course equips participants with the knowledge and skills to recognise when a young person is struggling, empowering them to reach out and offer First Aid.

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Mental  Health Awareness and Resilience Training

Our interactive half-day workshop opens up discussion, looks at case studies and offers practical tips and tools. It is divided into two distinct parts.

How to build sustainable habits to boost personal resilience by thinking about:

  • What influences well-being.
  • How unchecked stress can lead to ill-health.
  • How to strengthen well-being by maximizing energy levels, setting healthy boundaries to achieve a better work-life flow and prioritizing downtime and ‘unplugging to recharge’.

How to support each other by:

  • Acknowledging it’s OK to not be OK.
  • Learning how to spot the signs of mental ill health in yourself and others.
  • Initiating a conversation with someone who may be struggling using the ACT Now approach.

What our clients say:

"Their instructional staff are professional and approachable, forming excellent relationships with the students.

Over the last year Covid has resulted in changes to lists and attendances, Health First have always accommodated these changes without fuss."

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