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ensa Mental Health First Aid Focus Youth

The ensa Mental Health First Aid Focus Youth course is aimed at adults who want to learn how to provide First Aid to young people entrusted to their care who are struggling with their mental health. This includes parents, teachers, school counsellors, youth group leaders and other support staff.

Over 14 hours, participants learn about the most common mental illnesses and crises affecting young people, how to proactively reach out to an adolescent in mental distress, listen to them non-judgementally and encourage them to seek professional help.

Basic knowledge about the most common mental illnesses and crises of adolescents is taught in a practical way. The participants learn to recognize problems, to address them non-judgementally and to encourage those affected to seek professional help

It is engaging and interactive and features case studies, role plays, video stories and other exercises to bring your learning alive.

During the training we will cover:

  • Mental health problems in young people
  • Depression in young people
  • Anxiety disorders in young people
  • Eating disorders in young people
  • Psychosis in young people
  • Substance use disorder and behavioural addictions

Certification: Each participant will receive an ensa Mental Health First Aider: Focus Youth certificate on successful completion of a post-course written test and training evaluation form. The test and evaluation will be managed on-line by ensa. Participants will then be registered with ensa as a Mental Health First Aider: Focus Youth in Switzerland for 3 years. This certificate is recognized internationally. After that, a short refresher course must be taken to maintain ensa Mental Health First Aider status.

All of the HealthFirst training team are certified ensa Mental Health First Aid instructors.