People In Switzerland Seem To Have Less First Aid Knowledge Than Many Other Europeans

25th March 2013

A survey out last week revealed that people in Switzerland seem to have less First Aid knowledge than many other Europeans. The survey was carried out during 5 months in 2012 in 14 European countries by Touring Club Swiss and the Alliance of Swiss Samaritans. It showed that 63% of the Swiss people surveyed didn’t feel that they could effectively assess an injured person, 80% didn’t know how to stop major bleeding, and 91% didn’t know how to give Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). Also, 60% of people didn’t know how to put an unconscious person into the recovery position (a safe position with the person on their side) and 82% didn’t know the Europe-wide telephone number to call to alert the Emergency Services.

Alex Helmick of World Radio Switzerland’s The Wrap interviewed Dr Penny Fraser, one of the HealthFirst Medical Directors and Emergency Doctor at the University Hospital in Geneva about how, what, why and when to perform CPR. To listen to the podcast, follow this link:

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