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Learning CPR

Learning CPR might save a life

Learning how to give CPR might save a life. Dr Michelle explains how she recently worked with the Swiss Resuscitation Council to help produce the English version of their Basic Life Support ‘Quick’ film. When their heart and breathing have stopped, for every minute without…

Our Gut Microbiome

Are you eating your kimchi and your sauerkraut? Dr Michelle speaks with nutritionist Emma Jenks about how we can all ‘culture’ our gut microbiome to improve health and well-being. 

How are you wearing your mask this Movember?

How are you wearing your mask this Movember? Dr Michelle chats to Movember Switzerland rep Scott Poynton about why men struggle to open up about their mental health and the ALEC framework for mental health conversations. They also talk about a FREE online panel event…

Covid infections on the rise

With the number of COVID infections on the rise, Dr Michelle explains the latest update to the Federal Office of Public Health’s media campaign – More important than ever: stop the rise in infection numbers. Find out more at https://www.bag.admin.ch/bag/en/home.html  

Coronavirus check online tool

In a special Health Matters COVID-19 update, Dr Michelle explains why we need to ‘stay at home’ and also about the Corona Check online tool if we’re worried about symptoms: https://coronavirus.unisante.ch/en