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Mental HealthFirst  Well-Being Workshops

Getting your mind and body in balance

Well-being is being happy, healthy and comfortable. It is about how we feel and function and how we achieve satisfaction in our lives as a whole. Our well-being is influenced by a range of factors, some within and some outside our control, including our physical and mental health, our social connections and cultural values.  We can experience well-being even under the most challenging of circumstances through acceptance, cultivating our self-compassion and developing a growth mindset. Investing in healthy habits supports sustainable well-being, allowing us to thrive and succeed.

Our seminars and workshops can be delivered online or face-to-face.

Eat well, stress less: building resilience through healthy eating

Eat well, stress less is a 75-minute seminar addressing the effects of stress on health and looking at building resilience through healthy and effective eating.

Participants gain a comprehensive understanding of what foods to eat to reduce stress and what foods may make stress worse. 

We will consider:

  • How food can impact our stress level, the do’s and don’ts of healthy eating
  • Nutrition to improve mood, thinking and focus
  • Tips and advice on healthy snacks
  • And our HealthFirst Actions for Change.

Unplug to recharge

This 75 minute interactive seminar addresses the importance of boundary setting and work-life balance. With the connectedness of our online lives, both work and personal, switching off is becoming harder than ever.

During the seminar, we will consider:

  • How psychological detachment from work improves performance and well-being 
  • The importance of healthy boundary setting
  • Tools and skills to promote active recovery 
  • And our HealthFirst Well-being Action Plan to help you unplug to recharge.

Dreaming of a good night's sleep? 

This 75 minute interactive workshop looks at the importance of sleep for well-being and how we can dream our way to better health. 

During the workshop we will consider:

  • Sleep as the bedrock of good health. 
  • That humans are the only species that actively deprive themselves of sleep
  • The sleep-cycle: the benefits of sleep and how we can build healthy sleeping habits.
  • Tiredness kills: the impact of poor sleep on our physical health.
  • Building stronger connections: how sleep improves our memory, mental capacity and well-being 
  • And our HealthFirst’ ‘Sleep Well, Live Well’ checklist.   

What our clients say:

"The communication was smooth and we and our staff felt that the trainers were really friendly, flexible and approachable. We will definitely engage with them for future trainings regarding mental health."

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