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Is the tick vaccine recommended for everyone?

Did you know that ticks in all but two Swiss cantons (Geneva and Ticino) may now carry the virus causing tick-borne encephalitis? New recommendations from the Federal Office of Public Health are that everyone gets vaccinated, particularly if they spend a lot of time outdoors…

Why are food allergies increasing?

Dr Michelle continues her guide to food allergy and intolerance, this time looking at possible reasons why food allergy is increasing and whether you should avoid certain foods during pregnancy and in early childhood.

Michelle’s Mountain Antics

Dr Michelle’s Mountain Antics….hear about Michelle’s broken ankle at the start of the ski season and some of her reflections after the event. For more information about REGA patronage, visit https://www.rega.ch/en/home.aspx


Dr Michelle brings us the final part in her series on HIV/AIDS, this time discussing prevention, including taking medication to protect from infection.

Stop Smoking App

Dr Michelle explains the lowdown on a quit-smoking App and also a dedicated quit-smoking helpline in time for any New Year resolutions…… More information about the App at https://www.stop-tobacco.ch/en/ Call the helpline on 0848 000 181 or visit www.­ligne-­stop-­tabac.­ch