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Learning CPR

Learning CPR might save a life

Learning how to give CPR might save a life. Dr Michelle explains how she recently worked with the Swiss Resuscitation Council to help produce the English version of their Basic Life Support ‘Quick’ film. When their heart and breathing have stopped, for every minute without…

Our Gut Microbiome

Are you eating your kimchi and your sauerkraut? Dr Michelle speaks with nutritionist Emma Jenks about how we can all ‘culture’ our gut microbiome to improve health and well-being. 

Practice CPR on manikin, first aid training

Saving Lives using CPR & First Aid

You never know when your First Aid or Basic Life support skills could be called upon. Every week I hear stories from friends, colleagues, and patients about how they have had to react in a medical emergency to help someone in need. Learning how to give…

The power of human connection.

Over the last 18 months, I am sure you have all discovered what it is like to be separated from your friends, family, and colleagues. Even with the lifting of some travel restrictions, it is still challenging to visit our relatives and loved ones across…